forbes magazine - innocent tax filing errors result in severe penalties from the IRS
the link between weed & junkfood
breakfast meetings percolate productivity
slow payments
wirtschaftswoche - short sellers miss their mark (cover)
oversupply of goods from China
barron's - ford: retooling an icon (cover)
CANADALAND - ratf*cker podcast cover
sojourners july 2022 cover - pastors resigning from the pulpit
huffpost - blind to corruption within the Texas' judicial system
wirtschaftswoche (cover) - VW electrification
capital magazine - facebook: a threat to user data (march 2018)
wall street journal - managing daily microstressors
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covid putting vacation plans to rest
the hollywood reporter - overdoses and deaths at the red door rehab center
OK tough guy
self promo - plz remember!
wall street journal - kroger is americas biggest sushi seller
wall street journal - online gossip
the first day of summer: blast off!
surveilling auto emissions
combating harmful prescription drug use
milwaukee magazine - questionable weed laws in the state of wisconsin
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civic tv - black moon single cover
wall street journal - the ancient tradition of pondering the possibility of alien life 
civic tv - black moon album cover artwork
capital magazine - a new contender in the streaming wars
sprezzatura restaurant (toronto) logo branding 
barrons - targeting covid with a vaccine
heart benefits of high intensity training
wirtschaftswoche (cover) - stocks staying afloat during a crisis
milwaukee magazine - indy venues unite to fight back against a livenation super venue
wall street journal - if robots are to do more jobs they'll need a better sense of 'touch'
politico - the man who literally sold the moon
indy monthly - history of the magnavox odyssey gaming console from 1972
new york times - pandemic travel disorientation
damaged goods (dj night) logo design & poster
sojourners magazine - priests exiting the church
pc world - uploading new windows update
the american diet of red, white & goo
wall street journal - humanizing artificial intelligence
milwaukee magazine - local schools allowing test retakes
forbes - legacy admissions; kids of alumni at many top private colleges in the US get special treatment
the hollywood reporter - 'tiger rising' an unreleased film that was rife with money & staff issues on set
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politico - white nationalists using tiki torches while spreading hate
the hollywood reporter - being a foreign film, ‘Roma’ has many challenges to overcome in becoming an Oscar contender
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entertainment weekly - Let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves some… P.P.E.?
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river running
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atlanta monthly - streetcar transit funding
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5280 magazine - charitable breweries, saintly suds
mental floss magazine - in the 1970's millions of Americans believed that Egypts most famous landmarks contained secret powers
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quote mining
mental floss - drinking caffeine vs, taking a nap

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